Mini-Review of Obama

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The other week, the instructor in one of my classes asked us to do a mini-review of the president and his first 100 days.

I did some online research and found that the approval rating for the Obama administration has dropped to 46% recently.
I realize he has only been in office for a short time, relatively speaking.

With that said, there are a lot of things that have happened, so far, that I disagree with.

As a disclaimer, I did not vote for Obama, but I appreciate that people used their right to vote, and expressed their opinion in the presidential election. Even if I disagree. A pet peeve of mine is when people don’t bother to vote, but complain about elected officials anyway.

The final version of the stimulus package was signed in by Obama. I strongly disagree(d) with this bill, because I feel that it is like throwing money that we don’t have at a problem, that won’t be fixed by this kind of band-aid approach.

The second thing that comes to mind, is the health care reform. The government is trying to take over too many areas, which should be left to the private sector. With that said, I think regulation would be a good thing. There should be restrictions on the amount charged for premiums, and on what constitutes a reason to deny someone.

There are nine states right now, where it is legal for an insurance company to deny coverage if you have previously been a victim of a domestic violence assault.

I think a good country to look at for an example of health care is Germany. I know wikipedia isn’t a super reliable source, but just to give you a quick overview, here’s a link to an article on that site link


Fight for Our Rights

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The second amendment is a key amendment. Many would argue it is a god given right. I would have to agree with this idea. I think it is a god given right to protect your belongings ,your home, your loved ones and yourself . The second amendment is written as so:

“ A well regulated militia, being necessary
To the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed”

This was not written by our fore fathers as a suggestion; it was black and white, no gray areas.  Its written  simply. No big confusing words, no lawyer mumbo jumbo, it is as clear as it can be. With this being said if I hear one more gun activist quote the 2nd amendment and leave the second half out so it will fit their propaganda I am going to scream.

I constantly hear gun owners say  if the government comes in tomorrow and takes everyone’s guns there will be a uprising, and I do agree there would be a blood bath. That’s why the government is not doing it that way they are taking small amounts at a time with the mind set that you will not try to stop them until its to late, and you have nothing.

Look in the news. It is happening  constantly on a state and national level. Just this week California passed a bill to where whenever you buy ammo you have to  register your purchase with the state. Detailing what caliber you bought, how many rounds, your drivers license number and your address.

Why did they do this? Well their answer is this, if there is a shooting we want a record of who bought what from where.
Last I checked criminals don’t buy guns from gun shops, they buy them illegally. So why would they buy ammo from a store that is going to take this info down?  They won’t. They will buy ammo off the street.

You would have to be a utter moron  to think this will slow crime.
So why then did they do it you ask? See, California cannot ban guns out right at this time, but they sure as hell can make it hard for a law abiding citizen to get them and the ammo they use.
If  we don’t get up off our rears and fight for our rights and do something about these rules that are stripping us of our rights… we will lose them, and they will not be back.
In closing, I challenge you all as Americans to find something you disagree or agree  with and put your two cents in. Write your state and federal officials,  and  do your part as a Americans.
To make this easy for you, the House of Representatives has a search that lets you find your representative, and then they will take you to a form to contact that same representative. also has a search that will tell you who your government officials are, on all levels, and then provide you with contact information.

Gov’t Aid and HealthCare

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American gov’t run healthcare.

I just want to take one example of gov’t run healthcare. Native American reservations have gov’t funded healthcare and other gov’t funded programs and monies. To the extent that the majority of incomes on the reservation is gov’t funded.

Don’t get me wrong, if the gov’t wanted to hand me some money, I wouldn’t turn it down. This is just an example.

Anyone who has been on a reservation knows when they cross that line. You’ll have scenic backgrounds, nice homes…and then you cross that line. And it’s like you drove into the ghetto. In the middle of nowhere.

Basically, what I’m trying to say, is if you hand out gov’t monies with little to no strings attached, anyone is going to take advantage.

With that said, I think people in actual need of aid should receive it. But I also think that just throwing it out into the wind (FEMA scandal) is a bad idea.

Currently gov’t aid is not set up to help people get back on their feet, and become self-sufficient.

My sister was working few hours at a minimum wage job, and was able to receive (along with other gov’t help) a subsidy to help cover the cost of childcare.

When she decided to go back to school, and to pursue a career that would lead to her no longer being dependent on gov’t help, that subsidy was no longer available to her.

Now, talking about gov’t healthcare, the way they want to impliment it, is going to be based on cost. Say your 75 and the average lifespan is eighty. You need a $50,000 procedure. The cost of your procedure would work out to $10,000 per year of your expected life. The max allowed is $5,000. You’re out of luck, sorry.

So once again it comes down to dollar signs, not the actual will of the people.

Their plan is to have gov’t health care to overtake health care by running private companies out of business. I don’t disagree with the availability of gov’t health care, I disagree with the monopoly of gov’t health care.

Gov’t and Money

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Weed has always been looked at as an evil, evil drug. But now that California has decided that they can make a profit off of it, they’re talking about legalizing it.

Isn’t it funny how the government mind is swayed by money? Now that weed can be profitable, they’re willing to legalize it for purposes other than medical.

I don’t condone or condemn the use of marijuana. I just find it amusing that money is the key factor. 10 years ago, there wasn’t a chance you’d find legal, non-medicinal use of weed. But now it is being considered.

Our governments main concern is the financial aspect, not the moral.

government we need a change now!!!!!!!!

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Jim Doyle cam out and said, “If Wisconsin citizens want to carry a handgun, they should carry it on their belt.” (ie open carry) Me and every Joe Schmoe knows, as soon as you openly carry, you are going to get so much harrassment from local law enforcement, (no surprise) that it’s not worth it.

IME, local law enforcement rarely knows the laws regarding open carry. So what they see is a guy with a weapon on his belt, which sends red flags flying.

So why doesn’t Jim Doyle take a firm stand either for or against concealed carry? I’ll tell you why. Because he is like every other politician and wants to keep his supporters. He wants to please everyone. So he will dodge the difficult questions.

I want to see a politician who says what they believe in, and sticks to it. I want someone who follows through, and avoids the gray area, please-every-voter dance that most seem to do.

I would like to see a politician who does things, not for popularity, but because it is what they truly believe in, and what their constituents truly want.

I’d like to oust everyone from the government in general, and start over. I’d like to see some regular joes in office. Someone who truly represents me, and those like me.

I also think that no politician should make more than the average military member makes. Why should those putting their actual lives on the line, be making less then those who are sending them out into danger?

lets get it started

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give me youre ideas on what would make this country a better place to live.

lets all work together as one like we as a country once were.

Hello world!

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people lets all come together unite and make this country what it should beand what it once was.

stand as one as it once was one for the people who want to live the american dream one for all and all for one. damn those who opposed us and what we stand for as free people.